The Wizards come in three forms, each having the same staff, although each one does different things. They have the most health out of all the infantry units in the game, and are the last ones acquired. They have extremely powerful attacks. None of the Wizards can directly attack air units, but if they attack a ground unit with an air unit above it the air unit will also be hit. This works for enemy wizards too except for the shadow wizard.

As units, Wizards are one of the three categories of long-ranged infantry units. Though most wizards don't have the range of a gunner or an archer, they have much better hitpoints and can deal massive amounts of damage.


Level 1 = The lightning wizard brings bunches of lightning to the ground with each spell and has medium range. It is the only wizard that doesn't bear a helmet.            Mana Cost: 450        Costs: 1200 gold

Level 2 = The tornado wizard summons quick and powerful tornadoes to annihilate advancing enemies. This wizard has a veteran helmet.       Mana Cost:800     Costs: 10000 gold

Level 3= The meteor wizard triggers meteor showers, doing excess amounts of damage and leaving flames to burn where they explode. It has a great amount of health. It wears an odd looking helmet.        

Mana Cost:1200   Costs: 1200


It is best to choose the highest level wizard each level.

Cartoon Wars 2 Units


ArcherArcher4 Heavy Armor SwordsmanHAS4

GunnerGunner4 BlasterBlast4 WizardWizard3

VultureVulture6 Armed RobotsARobot3 Heavy Armed RobotsHAR4

Aircraft FighterAirFight4 Armed Aircraft FighterAAF4 Armed HelicopterArmH2

Driller AircraftDrill2 Angel ArmyAngel3