Warriors are the first units you have available in Cartoon Wars. They cost 10 Mana per Unit to produce.


Range short,but Robin Hood is long range.
Speed averange
Effective Against trolls
Weak Against heavy units and area of effect units


  • Warrior: As a regular warrior, the character holds a sword up in the air to swing down when attacking.Very weak when this type.
  • Veteran Warrior: Once you upgrade the warrior to level five, it becomes the veteran warrior, who wields a spear. Unlike the original warrior, it holds the spear in both hands, holds it underhead, and strikes it directly.
  • Robin Hood: Once upgraded to level ten, the warrior no longer holds the title of "warrior" and instead becomes "Robin Hood", who wields a bow and arrow. The attack speed becomes incredibly fast, making it useful when "spamming". However, it is no use

Strategies Edit

Upgrading these units early and saving your mana up so you can 'spam' the enemy with enough of them is a clever tactic that can help you through the first levels. In large numbers they become very powerful and can wipe out the opponent within the first two minutes, though no amount of warriors can stand up to certain high-level enemies. Enemies like this can attack the Warriors without being touched by them, and in order for this strategy to remain effective, you must send a more powerful unit to combat such high-level enemies. Depending on the device on which you play and due to the large amount of warriors on screen, this tactic may invoke some lag.

These units may quickly become obselete; in fact, they become nothing more than back-up when you get the Ninja, and later in the game, generally you stop producing them altogether.

Robin hoods in large groups are fairly effective against skeletons, especially with heavy gunner backup. In big enough groups, they can kill the early enemies (troll, skeleton, viking) without damage. Robin Hoods might hit angels, wizards and apaches when attacking.


Level Gold Cost Atk HP Walk Speed Attack Range
1 N/A 1 300 Average Short
2 100 1 350 Average Short
3 200 1 400 Average Short
4 500 1 450 Average Short

1 FS

2 500 Average Short
6 1000 2 550 Average Short
7 2000 3 600 Average Short
8 5000 3 650 Average Short
9 10000 3 700 Average Short
10 2 FS 4 750 Slow Long
11 15000 4 900 Slow Long
12 20000 4 1050 Slow Long
13 25000 4 1300 Slow Long
14 30000 5 1450 Slow Long