" Robot with high mobility and attack ability. "
Type: Stalling Unit, Quick Reinforcements

Vultures are mostly hovercraft with strong long-ranged weapons. They have relatively good amounts of hitpoints, but they can be easily stunned by weak attacks. They are all very fast, and make for quick reinforcements. The first 3 levels are the same kind of hovercraft with gunners on the back and a pilot on the front. The 4th and 5th forms are different variants of tanks, and the last form (seen in the picture) resembles a level 1 drill aircraft, but in place of drills are 2 powerful robotic fists. Every type of vulture cannot attack air units.

The level 1 form of the vulture is a hovering craft. There is a pilot in the front, and a gunner in the back. he gunner riding the back of the vulture appears to be a rifleman, the second form of the gunner. The gunner on the back of the vulture shoots anything that comes across it. It costs 400 mana. The second form is exactly the same except instead of a rifleman the gunner carries dual uzzis, and appears to be the 3rd form of the gunner riding a hovercraft with a pilot up front. It costs 450 mana. The third form of the vulture is the same as the first and second but the gunner is a multi-rocket blaster. The gunner on the back of this type of vulture is presumed to be the level 2 blaster. Strangely, this variant of the vulture costs exactly the same amount of mana as the multi-rocket blaster on foot - a cost of 500 mana. The appearance of the vulture differs significantly once it reaches level 4. It becomes a tank, and a pilot wearing a pilot helmet ca be seen poking his head out of the top of the tank. It shoots very powerful iced bullets, and does not hover, instead being transported by two all-terrain rollers. It also periodically blasts a small missile to the ground. It costs 1000 mana. The fifth form of the vulture is also a tank, but there is spiked armor covering the front of the tank. Instead of having one missile shooting cannon on the front, it has two cannons mounted on the side. This type of vulture no longer shoots iced bullets, and shoots fast rockets instead. It also costs 1000 mana. The final level 6 form of the vulture hovers and closely resembles a level 1 drill aircraft, but with two, strong robotic arms in place of large drills. It punches enemies, dealing great amounts of damage. It is the only vulture with melee capabilities, and costs 1200 mana.

Attack Medium
Range Mid-High
Speed High
Effective Against Weak Units
Weak Against Strong Units
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