" Ninjas are quick-moving units that are extremely useful in the beginning of the game. "



Mid Range, Fast

Mana Cost


Effective against

Skeletons, Trolls

Weak against

No information

Upgraded forms

Advanced Ninja Super Ninja

Ninjas (Advanced Ninjas and Super Ninjas) are good units that will assist you early in the game. As time progresses, their usefulness wanes.


Simple spam class, not better than 3 warriors of same level against most classes. Good meat shield when warriors become robin hoods and no longer stand up front.


Note that Rubies are called Stones in the IOS version

Upgrades ChartEdit

Level Upgrade Cost Atk HP Walk Speed Attack Range
1 1 FS 3 600 Average Medium
2 500 4 700 Average Medium
3 1000 4 800 Average Medium
4 2000 5 900 Average Medium
5 3 FS 6 1000 Average Medium
6 5000 6 1100 Average Medium
7 10000 7 1200 Average Medium
8 15000 8 1300 Average Medium

20000 8 1500 Average Medium
10 4 FS 9 1700 Average Long
11 30000 9 1900 Average Long
12 50000 10 2000 Average Long
13 >30000 11 2050 Average Long
14 70000 15 2100 Average Long


  • Ninja: The first type of Ninja holds a large triple-bladed shuriken which is spun in hand rather than thrown.Jump and swing at the enemy,but the large shuriken is a waste in the other two from.
  • Veteran Ninja: The Ninja, unlike most units, has the same weapon in the level five upgrade. However, despite the fact that the Ninja still holds the shuriken, it does not use it and instead shoots flames.
  • Super Ninja: The Ninja still holding the shuriken transforms into a cannon and continously fires at the enemy.
  • Ninjas gain a whole different look in CW2. They throw shurikens instead of holding them. They also get a black ninja mask. They can also create shockwaves with long swords.
  • He is the only unit that when in upgraded forms still looks the same as its first form (not ability)