Morgan as seen in the hero select

Morgan is a hero from Cartoon Wars 2:Heroes. She is presumably the most powerful hero in Cartoon Wars 2. Like all heroes, Morgan becomes a new form (unit) every four levels, and heals to full health every time she levels up. In her first form, she is a lightning wizard, and the lightning has infinite amounts of range. Her second form is a Meteor Wizard, and has much more power, but her range is reduced greatly. Her third form is an "Angel Warrior," and can fire axes fearfully fast. Once she reaches her fourth form, her quality rises significantly as if you use the fourth or fifth form to fly into enemies while attacking, you can't be hit by any enemy except for the level 2 Devil (enemy unit). Note: In order for this to work, you must be attacking and moving at the same time. Just attacking or only moving will allow enemy units to acquire hits on you.

Levels 0-3:Lightning Wizard.

Levels 4-7:Meteor Wizard

Levels 8-11:Level 1 Angel

Levels 12-15:Level 2 Angel

Levels 16-20:Level 3 Angel