" Newly designed robots. "

Heavy Armed Robots


Long Range, Average Speed

Mana Cost


Effective Against

All land units and air units

Weak Against

High health units

Number of Upgrades


Usage and ProductionEdit

This is the final land unit in the game, and requires the most mana to produce. Normally the HAR is used in boss battles and tough battles. It could defeat all the lower levels in a few minutes.


You should upgrade this asap because it has high attack and can defeat all the units in an 1 on 1 battle.

Note: Must be full health, or else a Red Dragon Rider can defeat it easily, even without any support from other units.

The first form of the HAR is what appears to be a large, advanced, militarized, robotic exoskeleton with rapid fire guns mounted on each arm. Like the second form of the old, outdated bots, it shoots bullets that hit the ground and come in waves.

The second form is the same thing as the first, but with higher statistics and will shoot a small rocket after each round of bullets, similar to how the level 1 old bot will punch and fire a rocket. It has MK2 on its icon.

The third form of the HAR is the same as the second, but it is larger and more advanced. It shoots iced bullets, like a level 4 vulture. It also has a large cannon mounted on its back that shoots rockets. Its back cannon can shoot air units, but its ice-bullet shooters cannot.

The fourth and final HAR is extremely powerful. It is significantly larger than the other bots and has great firepower, enough to take down powerful enemy units, excluding the Red Dragon Rider. It shoots rapid fire rockets that hit the ground in waves, and can also attack air units.

Upgrades ChartEdit

Level Gold Cost Mana Cost
1 45000 800
2 60000 1000
3 75000 1200
4 120000 2000
5 -
6 -

Image GalleryEdit


It is the final form of the powerful hero, Gear-X.

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