The green goblin

The green goblin is by far the most expensive unit you can spawn in the game, and with also the highest cooldown. And unlike the other units, it is quite useless unless upgraded to it’s stronger forms, the Apache and the T-Apache. This is why it is heavily recommended to upgrade the Green Goblin to Apache faster than upgrading the Veteran Golem to S-Golem. Which both require 150 rubies. If upgraded, it could be stronger than a Black Serpent and if paired with Wizards and using the Bow, one could easily kill 3 Black Serpents in a row. Because of this, 2-3 Apaches could be devastating for the enemy itself and could potentially finish a level in just 5 minutes if paired with strong units.

Upgrades Chart

Fill in the Chart with the cost per upgrade.

LV Upgrade Cost Atk HP Move Speed

Attack Range

1 100 FS 99 12000 Fast
2 12000 116 14000 Fast
3 18000 139 16000 Fast
4 25000 162 16000 Fast
5 150 FS 231 Fast
6 40000 254 Fast
7 60000 270 Fast
8 80000 296 Fast
9 100000 317 Fast
10 225 FS 355 Fast
11 150000 372 Fast
12 200000 400 Fast
13 250000 417 Fast
14 300000 Not infinite Fast

Types- The Green Goblin is fast and airborne and throws bombs at the enemy

1st upgrade: The Green Goblin turns into a helicopter and fires at the enemy

Last upgrade: The Apache transforms into a transformer in midair and transforms back when the enemies are not in its way.