I just downloaded Blade after my first death in Gunner. I think they should make an online co-op game where you have a Gunner and a Blade character, and people can form a "Shoot and Slice" team. Thats what I call it. So you can have one gunner and one swordsman per team. If you played Gunner, you may have seen the sword. That should not be available to the gunner. There should be new specials, and special ways to combine them that create a new skill. This skill can only by activated by doing certain combanations of skills. If you have the wizard staff as the gunner, and the swordsman uses meteor shower, it should melt the ice to create a slippery surface that is harder to move in and has a chance of tripping/slipping a character or enemy. It would bring a new level of strategy, especially to players without mics, but that is different. It should have an open chat box and microphone chat. Admins should constantly be listening for inapropriate things. People should be banned for saying things like that too much. Other combinations should be "Healing Shower". Healing Shower will be good and bad (I forget the word that means bad for you and your opponent). It will rain health packages. They will last 3 seconds on the ground and the shower will last 5 seconds. Enemies can heal from this if you do not grab them, and enemies who are low on health will target them (low means half or less). The title I want to give this game is completly literal (inside of \ /). \Cartoon Wars: Gun and Blade/ It will not be only online so that people don't have to wait to play it. I hope Gamevil sees this and likes the idea. It brings a new aspect to the cartoon wars series. If you want to see my other CW ideas, tell me. Gamevil workers type CWG&B confirmed if you like the idea.

Thank you.

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