Cartoon Wars Gunner+Edit

CWG+ is the 3rd game in the CW series. The objective is to run around in a stage, shooting different varieties of enemies with various weapons, much like hero mode in CW2.

Upgrades Edit

HP (red)- the amount of health your character has.

HP(orange;can only be used with the healing passive skill)- how fast your character heals.

MP(blue)- the amount of mana your character has.

MP(turquoise)- the amount of mana your character gains for each enemy killed.

DF- increases defense of character.

SP- increases base movement speed.

LC- increases the amount of gold you get for each enemy killed. Also increases the amount of bonus gold you get.

CL- decreases weapon cooling speed.

SK- increases the strength of weapon skills.

DM- increases ALL damage your character can inflict upon enemies.

RN- cannot upgrade. The distance your character's ammo can travel.


-Archer- the first and only weapon you get by default, the archer has very good SP and RN, but bad DM. Useful when you are trying to get away from powerful clumps of enemies with big HP.



RN-9 (max)

Enemies Edit

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A club wielder - The club wielder has a club, obviously, as a weapon, and is one of the first enemies in the game. The club wielder has a low HP and takes 2 arrows to kill it.

The Dagger wielder - This dagger dude may look deadly but in fact, he has low attack and HP as well.