Chaos as seen in the hero select

Chaos Is The Second Hero In Cartoon Wars 2. His portrait sees him as wearing a veteran helmet, though only is last form (level 16-20) wears one. Like all heroes in Cartoon Wars 2, he changes form every 4 levels. Also like other heroes, he will regain all of his health when he levels up.


Level 0-3: Pistol gunner

Level 4-7: Rifleman

Level 8-11: Dual Uzi Gunner

Level 12-15: Multi Rocket Blaster

Level 16-20: Laserman

Skills: Like most heroes, Chaos has skill abilities that aid him in attack.

His first skill ability makes a deadly hail of small missiles.

His second ability is an airstrike, and large bombs fall from the sky.

His third ability summons Large Missiles from the sky.