The Bow and Arrows is the first weapon you get in Cartoon Wars: Gunner by default. Surprisingly enough, it's quite useful for a long period of time. After a certain point, though, the use of it is not recommended.

Bow and Arrows


Long Range, Average Speed

Gold Cost



Attack Speed +, Attack +, Heal, Meteor Shower

Starting Stats (Speed, Power, Range)


Overheat Value



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Passive Skills:

Attack Speed +:Gained at level 7. When standing still, you will fire much more rapidly.

Attack +: Gained at level 9. Turns your arrows into fire arrow, which penetrate through all units, in scope.

Active Skills:

Heal: Gained at level []. When activated, it heals your character. It comes at a small Mana cost.

Meteor Shower: Gained at level []. When activated, flaming meteors rain down on the battle field, damaging many enemies. It comes at a larger Mana cost.


Information about Upgrading goes here. This is were strategy for upgrading goes.

Upgrades ChartEdit

Level Gold Cost Stats (Speed, Power, Range)
1 Free.99 6-2-9
2 200 6-2-9
3 300 6-2-9
4 500 6-2-9
5 1000 6-3-9
6 2500 6-3-9
7 4000 6-4-9
8 7000 6-5-9
9 4000 6-6-9
10 8000 6-7-9


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Some of the bow data is incorrect. 7, 8, and 1 are the only things I know are correct on the upgrade chart! Also, I use the bow forever! I perfer it.

-Water does Gaming

this next part is about the pistol. use it but it costs a dotd lots. ocns s\\d e c d e


level 11