The Blaster Is like the gunner but deals more damage and blasts multiple enemies at the same time.


IMG 1985

multirocket launcher man

Level 1= A warrior that shoots rockets with a bazooka, or RPG. He has a relatively slow attack rate, but blasts powerful shots. Low accuracy on air units, but can be very useful for spamming.

Mana cost: 200         Costs: 6000 gold

Level 2-= A multirocket launcher man that shoots missiles with a multiple rocket launcher. The launcher appears to be some kind of cylinder that can blast 3 small, but powerful, missiles at a time. He as a good amount of health for an infantry unit, but not as great as a wizards'. He also appears riding in the backseat of a level 3 vulture. Mana cost:500          Costs:12000 gold

Level 3= A laserman that shoots a blue laser that can hit multiple enemies and shoots at a long range. The attack actually isn't as strong as it looks, but strong enough to pierce through large groups of enemy infantry. He can also be seen wearing a propeller backpack as a level 3 armed aircraft fighter. Wears a veteran helmet.

Mana cost:500 (same thing as level 2)    Costs: 15000 gold

Level 4= A Flamethrower that shoots flames with a great gas container (as it says on cartoon wars episode blade). The flames will burn on for about another second at the spot he attacks, and can also cause damage. Wears a veteran helmet.

Mana cost:800                    Costs: Something Above 15000