This unit is quite good if you buy it early in the game. Later though, it becomes less effective at Act 5-6. This unit's first form is inefficient when compared to stronger land units since this unit is slow,expensive to buy,and uses a arm punch then shoots a single rocket which is not that effective. It is, though good at stalling the enemy's first weak units while you farm your mana. It appears to be a mechanical humanoid structure that walks, and its head looks like a box. It has a rocket shooter on its left arm and a piercing claw on the right. However, if you get the armed robot in Act 2 (this is extremely hard), then the first form may not be so bad. The second upgrade is much better than the first form. It shoots heavily damaging rapid fire bullets that come in waves and hit the ground, and and can attack air units. Ever seen starwars? Seen the two legged bullet firing AT-STs roaming the forests, or Hoth? That is what this unit looks like, but with much bigger weapons, and its legs are puny compared to it. The pilot is not inside, but on the top, as opposed to an AT-ST. The legs are bent back instead of forward. Its final upgrade is the same thing, but with an wall as a shield in front and it shoot missiles instead of bullets. Also, the missiles do not fire rapidly, but still does more damage and has more hitpoints than the previous form.

Cartoon Wars 2 Units


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