The Armed Aircraft Fighters are the ranged version of the normal Aircraft Fighter. The first form uses a rifle, and appears to be a rifleman with a propeller backpack. The second has a veteran helmet and uses a sniper rifle, apparently the airborne version of a veteran sniper, although lacking the "hit nearby enemy units" ability. The third form also has a veteran helmet and uses a laser blaster instead of a sniper rifle. It appears to be a flying lazer man. The fourth and final form is an air magician that shoots pink lightning. It has a cape and uses a different head. All of units in Armed Aircraft Fighter can attack ground units, except for the flying laser blaster. As a class the Armed Aircraft Fighters would last up to Act 6, which will start to lose effectiveness greatly.

Cartoon Wars 2 Units


ArcherArcher4 Heavy Armor SwordsmanHAS4

GunnerGunner4 BlasterBlast4 WizardWizard3

VultureVulture6 Armed RobotsARobot3 Heavy Armed RobotsHAR4

Aircraft FighterAirFight4 Armed Aircraft FighterAAF4 Armed HelicopterArmH2

Driller AircraftDrill2 Angel ArmyAngel3