The archer is the first long range unit acquired in Cartoon Wars 2.

Here are the available upgrades you can get as an archer.

Level 1: Pebble/Rock Thrower

Very weak, but useful in act 1 as a spam unit. It costs 20 mana to spawn.

Level 2: Spear Thrower

Better than the pebble thrower, slightly faster throwing speed, and does more damage. It costs 50 mana to spawn.

Level 3: Bowman/ Archer

Now this is an actual archer. It is very extremely useful if you use it correctly. There are strategies like that you can spawn a HAS and a bunch of archers, and it will make a hard time for the enemy as the HAS absorbs/blocks the damage from the enemy, while the archers keep shooting at the enemy. Its a perfect strategy at around act 1-3. It costs 100 mana to spawn.

Level 4: Ninja Kunai Thrower

This is the final upgrade of the archer. It is MUCH better than the standard archer, but it now lacks the spam ability. It shoots kunais at a fast firing speed, and it is by far one of the most fastest units in the game. Its tied up with the level 5

spearsman though. It starts to lose its effectiveness at act 4-6. It costs 400 mana tspawn.o


Effective Against Enemies with high HP and closed ranged attacks
Weak Against Wizards
Gold Cost Mana Cost
1 500 20
2 800 50
3 1000 100
4 3000 400
5 N/A N/A
6 N/A N/A
Cartoon Wars 2 Units


ArcherArcher4 Heavy Armor SwordsmanHAS4

GunnerGunner4 BlasterBlast4 WizardWizard3

VultureVulture6 Armed RobotsARobot3 Heavy Armed RobotsHAR4

Aircraft FighterAirFight4 Armed Aircraft FighterAAF4 Armed HelicopterArmH2

Driller AircraftDrill2 Angel ArmyAngel3