The Aircraft Fighter requires the lowest amount of gold to buy the unit in the air unit section, and requires low amount of mana. Its low cost and low mana has a price. They are all short ranged infantry units with packs on their backs with propellers on them to fly. They carry melee weapons like knives and spears. The Aircraft Fighters as a class does not excel at combat. The first form has no helmet and carries a knife. It can win a battle with an eagle 1 on 1 but will be defeated by another. It is worth noting that Level 1 Aircraft Fighers do very high damage to the enemy's castle. Level 2 Aircraft Fighters aren't that much better but they can win a 1 on 1 fight on a red-eyed eagle unlike the first form. Level 3 and Level 4 are better at defeating slightly stronger enemies but by the time more stronger enemies appear both of them aren't that much good. The entire Aircraft Fighters as a class would work in Act 4 but by Act 5 it should be avoided at all cost.

Cartoon Wars 2 Units


ArcherArcher4 Heavy Armor SwordsmanHAS4

GunnerGunner4 BlasterBlast4 WizardWizard3

VultureVulture6 Armed RobotsARobot3 Heavy Armed RobotsHAR4

Aircraft FighterAirFight4 Armed Aircraft FighterAAF4 Armed HelicopterArmH2

Driller AircraftDrill2 Angel ArmyAngel3